This article explains the criterion to look for to choose a wireless router for your Home Network. 7 criterion for selecting a wireless router is explained.

wireless router for home network

1. Internet Speed

If your internet speed is between 10 Mbps to 100 Mpbs , you need to buy a router which has support for 100 Mpbs speed on the WAN interface. This is also known as fast ethernet. If your internet speed is greater than 100 Mpbs, your routers WAN interface should support 1 GB or gigabyte.

2. Coverage

The coverage is typically calculated based on area. Based on your home area, you would need to select the router. The range of a router specifies the area it can cover. Ensure that you look into the range supported by the router before buying.

3. Number of devices

Each router specifies the number of devices it supports. When choosing a router, you would need to check the number of devices which would be connecting to the router.

4. Single, Dual and Triband

Routers comes as Single, Dual and Triband. A single band router is recommended when there are only limited systems on the network. A dual band is recommended when you have additional smart devices which requires connection. You could create multiple networks for smart devices and normal users using a dual band. A triband router is recommended when there are many devices in your home network or if you need to access bandwidth intensive application like gaming.

5. Wifi Router Speed

Wireless routers comes in different speeds. The higher the speed, lower would be your latency on the network and better performance. It is recommended you buy a high speed router for optimal performance.

6. Wifi Router LAN Speed

Wireless routers typically have a 4 port inbuilt switch. The ports on the switches supports fast ethernet or gigabit ethernet. If you need to connect a server to the port or a desktop which requires high speed, it is recommended you purchase a router which has gigabit interface.

6. Parental Control

If you wish to have control over the internet of your children, a router with parental control would be required. Parental control would allow you to limit the internet access based on time as well as restrict access to websites based on categories.