A wireless access point does not slow down speed but in fact helps to increase the speed of the network. We understand the impact on network and internet speeds with a wireless access point.

How wireless access point affect internet speed

A wireless access point is not connected to your internet connection directly. It is connected as a device on your network. The internet speed is allocated by your ISP and not within your scope of control. So its impact on internet speed is limited.

How wireless access point affect network speed

Wireless access points can have significant impact on network speeds. Lets take a scenario at a home where the wifi signal in a room is weak. The room is far away from the main router. Users in the room are facing slow wifi and speed issues.

To resolve this problem, a wireless access point can be used. The access point can be connected to the main router and made to boost the wifi signal in the room. This would significantly improve the wifi strength and speed of the network.

can wireless access point model affect speed

Yes. The type of wireless access point model can impact speed.

Lets take two different types of the TP-Link Omada Access Point to understand this.

The TP-Link EAP235-Wall | Omada AC1200 in-Wall Wireless Gigabit Access Point supports 1200 Mbps speed

whereas the TP-Link EAP265 HD | Omada Enterprise AC1750 supports 1750 Mbps speed.

From this, we can infer that the wireless access point model can be a major factor in increasing the speed of your network.

There are two ways by which an access point can be connected to the main network which is the access point mode or repeater mode. In access point mode, the ethernet backhaul on the access point is used to connect to the network.

In repeater mode, the access point acts like a wifi extender where the wifi link is used to establish connectivity to the network.

For the best performance, the access point mode should be used since it uses wired connection to establish network connectivity.

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