Why do you need to buy anti virus or an internet security software ? This article understands in detail why an anti virus or internet security software is recommended for your devices, be it PC’s, laptops , mobiles.

The internet has now become a hackers playground. All the devices which are connected to the internet are vulnerable to various type of cyber security threats. The top 3 threats which are targeted towards end users like you and me when an anti virus or internet security software is not available are explained below.

What happens without an Antivirus or Internet Security software

When you are on the internet and browsing, you have no idea if a website is secure or insecure. You would have found the website when searching in google. You click on some links or attempt to download a file. A hacker would have setup a malicious software in the links or downloads which can result in the following.

1. Ransomware – The downloaded file could be a ransomware attack which could encrypt all the files on the your PC. You would need to send the hacker ransom money for decryption and using the files. By using an antivirus or internet security software, this can be prevented, as the software would trigger a security alert, if the website is safe or not during access.

2.Phishing – Phishing websites are used to trick you into believing that the website is valid. For example, you may receive an email claiming to be from your bank. You are asked to change your online banking password with immediate effect and a link , which resembles the website name of your bank is provided. You click on the link input your username and password to change it. Once you submit, the attacker gets to know your username and actual password using the spoofed link. The anti virus or internet security software would have a database of known phishing websites and would trigger a security alert when you attempt to access it.

3.Trojans –

The malicious software which you download from the internet can also be Trojans. Trojans are software which would help hackers to remotely control your PC without your knowledge. Key loggers are another type of trojans which captures your keyboard strokes and sends it to the hacker. Keystrokes can capture sensitive data like username , passwords , credit card details etc. This could be avoided by having appropriate protection using an anti virus or Internet security software. When the security software is installed, it would detect known key logger software. Also the software has option, where you can use on screen keyboards for typing sensitive data.

So it is highly recommended that you purchase a security software for your devices to mitigate the above threats. In the absence, you would be vulnerable to the threats highlighted above.