Wireless routers may or may not have firewalls inbuilt in them. This would be dependent on the type and model of wireless router.

If your looking for a wireless router with firewall features, then you need to look specifically for a Wireless router with firewall (Check price on Amazon)

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How do I know if my router has firewall

For this, you need to know the model number of your router. Based on this information, you can check the specification of your wireless router to know if the router has firewall features.

The specification of the router can be found in the respective organization website.

Should I have a firewall router

Firewalls routers are highly recommended in todays environment. Your network is a exposed to various types of threats and attacks originating from the internet.

In a typical smart home network, there are a lot of devices which are connected to the internet. This include your laptops,mobiles, smart home devices etc.

Your laptops and mobiles can be protected by antivirus software but not your smart home devices.

All these devices are vulnearble to attacks and can be exploited in multiple ways. A normal router would be unable to protect these devices which are in your network.

By having a wireless router with firewall, the attacks are blocked before entering the network at the router.

Wireless router with firewall recommendation

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Gryphon Tower Super-Fast Mesh WiFi Router – Advanced Firewall Security