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This article explains if you need a firewall for your home network and the multiple options for achieving this. The end of the section contains FAQ related to the topic with answers.

If your router has inbuilt firewall then you do not need a firewall. But if your router does not have an inbuilt firewall then you may need to buy a Home Network firewall or upgrade your Wireless router with firewall feature

Importance of firewall on home network

With smart homes and associated devices, home networks have now become full fledged networks. Every device on the network has to be secured.

If an attacker is able to access a device on your network, it leaves the door open to your network. To mitigate this a firewall is required.

The following are two options by which you can have a firewall on your network.

How to setup a firewall on home network using wireless router

There are Wireless routers which comes inbuilt with antivirus. For example, TP-LINK Wireless routers have Home Care feature which is used to provide protection to users on the network.

Router with firewall recommendation

TP-Link AX6000 WiFi 6 Router(Archer AX6000)

NETGEAR Nighthawk X6S Smart Wi-Fi Router (R8000P)

The antivirus feature available on the router would provide protection against the following.

1. It blocks malicious URLs when you try to access them.
2. It has an inbuilt Intrusion detection system which identifies and blocks potential threats targeting your network.
3. It quarantines infected devices on your network.

By using these Wireless routers you can be assured that your network is secured.

How to setup a firewall on home network using a network layer firewall

You can also setup an additional network layer firewall on your home network if your wireless router does not support inbuilt security.

The Trend Micro Home Network firewall can be used for the purpose. It protects the devices on your home network from internet security attacks like phishing, ransomware and viruses.

It block malicious websites and detects threats in real time.


1. Do you recommend a wireless router with security or a home network firewall

A wireless router with security would decrease the number of devices which you have on your network. But again, it becomes a single point of failure.

When using a Home Network firewall, the load is decreased on the router since security checks are performed on the firewall and not the router.

2. The devices on my network have antivirus installed . Would that suffice

When using a firewall, the threats are blocked at the network level and does not reach your end points. Also smart devices may not be having security inbuilt in them. So it is recommended to have a firewall on the home network.

3. My wireless router has NAT. Will I need a firewall

NAT is a technology on the wireless router which is used to share the public IP address of the router with internal IP address. A firewall would inspect all packets coming from the internet and block if found suspicious. NAT does not do this.

So you would need to buy a firewall if your wireless router has NAT.

4. I have configured security for my wireless network. Can this replace a firewall.

Wi-Fi security configuration is provided to protect unauthorized access to the wireless network. The functionality of a firewall is to inspect, block or allow internet traffic.

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