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How to find IP address of access point

In this tutorial we understand how to find the IP address of access point which is setup on a network. The details of the scenario is explained below. Requirement A wireless access points is installed and setup on a network. The network has a DHCP server which

How to detect rogue DHCP servers on a Network

In this tutorial, the mechanism to detect a rogue dhcp server with nmap is understood. Rogue dhcp servers are setup on the network by attackers to create disruption of services. nmap is installed on a system. nmap is used to scan, UDP port 67, which is used

Network Connectivity troubleshooting

This tutorial explains the steps to follow for basic network connectivity troubleshooting Do I know this quiz 1.What should be the default gateway IP address configured on a PC which needs to communicate with a system on the same network. 2.Name one reason as to why a

Network Setup with VLAN

This tutorial explains how to setup a network using vlan technology and the mechanism by which intervlan communication can be achieved. The appropriate components required, TCP/IP network design and techniques are analysed. Do I know this Quiz 1.What type of switches should be used to setup vlans

DHCP Tutorial

This tutorial explains the basic concepts of DHCP, how it works and need. Do I know this Quiz 1.On which port does DHCP servers work on. 2.Name two systems can be configured as DHCP servers 3.Which is the first message a client sends to contact a DHCP

How to display received packets and fields

This video tutorial demonstrates how scapy tool can be used to display the packets and fields which are recieved in response to a packet which was sent. ——————————————————————————————————————————– This is a sample preview from the Video Course   Network Testing Video Course Price $99

Network Design with 100 users

Requirement A network consists of two sites. Each site has 100 users. The routers on one of sites, is connected to the internet through which the LAN users get access to the internet. The users at different sites should be able to access each other. Identify appropriate

What is gateway in networking

Assume the following two scenarios – 1. A PC with IP address with subnet mask tries to access a PC with IP address with subnet mask 2. A PC with private IP address with subnet mask tries to access a website on

How is a packet forwarded on a router

When an IP packet is received on a router, the destination IP address is looked into. The network address corresponding to the IP address is looked into the routing table of the PC. If the network is a directly connected network, the packet is sent out using

What happens when an IP packet reaches a router

  In the above diagram, PC1 is configured with the IP address and subnet mask The router is configured with the IP address and subnet mask When PC1 pings the IP address of the router, the source IP address in the IP packet

How does a switch populate cam table

The cam table of a switch contains the mac-address to the port number mapping. It is built dynamically. In the above diagram, PC1 and PC2 are connected to E0 and E1 ports on the switch. When data is generated from PC1 to PC2, an ethernet frame is

Home Network Design with IPCamera access from Internet

Case In a home, there are 5 users, of which 2 are desktop users and remaining wireless. All users should have access to the internet. An IP camera is to be integrated in the home network which should be accessible from the internet.   Solution There are

Home Router Features

Home Router features A home network basic topology typically consists of 2 networks, the internal and external network. If the internal network corresponds to the LAN network to which the home users belong to and the external network, corresponds to the internet. The router typically has two