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Wireless router with VPN Server

This article understands and explains the use of wireless router with VPN Server What is wireless router with VPN server Wireless routers with VPN has VPN server inbuilt in it. This feature on the router allows remote users to either connect remotely to the router, establish connectivity

Wireless router with 8 ports

Wireless routers with 8 ports is recommended for networks where there are more number of wired devices like desktops, servers etc. This can also be used when additional switches are not available to accommodate the wired devices. The device has 8 switch ports in addition to the

Wireless router with USB port

Wireless routers comes with USB ports. The USB ports on the router can be used for sharing your USB drives on the network. This helps to share the files and documents which are on the USB drive. All users on the network can have access to the

Wireless routers with bandwidth control

Bandwidth control is a feature which is available on wireless routers used to control the bandwidth of users on the network. It is predominantly used in scenarios to control bandwidth usage by a single user or a specific number of users on the network. The following example

Wireless routers with guest network

This article understands the concept of guest network on a wireless router and provide recommendations on routers with guest network feature enabled. Guest network is a feature which is available on wireless routers which would allow to restrict guest or occasional users on the main network. For