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How to share USB drive on Network.

This article understands how to share USB drive on network with appropriate components. USB over IP Devices are used for sharing USB drives on the network. The devices typically contains an ethernet port which is connected to the network. The device also contains provision for accommodating single

How to increase your network speed in office

This article understands how to increase the network speed in office. Typically , the LAN network of an organization would be running on a fast Ethernet network, which means that a PC which is connected to a switch port on the network would effectively have a speed

How to block websites on a network

This article understands how to block access to websites on a home or office network. The necessary components required for the same is understood. Step 1 1. Purchase a router which has URL filtering feature. Wireless routers with URL filtering. The URL filtering feature on a router

How to make a printer wireless

In this article we understand how you make an existing parallel printer wireless. Currently on the network, there is a wireless router. The mechanism to make the parallel printer wireless is explained below. Step 1. Purchase a parallel port print server (Recommendations provided below). A print server

How to setup backup Internet

This article explains the necessary component to setup backup internet. Organizations which have multiple internet connection can use the solution to avoid any downtimes due to internet failovers. Internet load balancer can be used for the purpose. The below topology diagram shows how a load balancer can