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How to limit internet access at home

This article explains the feature on wireless router which you can use to limit internet access at home. Wireless routers with parental control feature can be used to limit internet access at home. A list of FAQ compilation is provided at the end of the post. Internet

Laptop does not have ethernet port- What to do

What should you do if your laptop does not have an ethernet port and you need to connect to Wifi or LAN network using ethernet ? Certain laptops do not have inbuilt ethernet ports in them. They only have Wifi cards inbuilt. In order to connect to

Best wireless router for home under $100

This posts highlights one of the best wireless router you can get for your home under $100. The TP-Link AC2600 Smart WiFi Router which is priced at $79 would be an excellent choice. The following are the top features of the router which makes us believe that

Do you need a router if you have a modem in your home

This article provides detailed answer to the question as to whether you need a router if you have a modem. What does a router do Technically, a router is a device which is capable of segregating networks and allowing communication between them. For example , a wireless

Can wifi and lan work together on your laptop

Yes. wifi and lan can indeed work together. This article explains how wifi and lan can work together and multiple scenarios where this can be implemented and how the communication works in multiple scenarios. Common FAQ’s related to this article is also answered. Lets take a laptop

How does a router model affect internet speed

This article explains the factors on a router which affect internet speeds. A FAQ section is included at the end of the post to understand the different types of routers you need to purchase for improving the internet speed. There could be situations where you have a

Wifi router under $150 for 5000 sqft home -2021

This article recommends a wifi router under $150 for a 5000 sqft home. The main issue with a large home is dead zones, where you dont get wifi at many locations. To avoid this, the latest wifi technology in 2021 is mesh routers. Mesh routers comes in

How to choose a wireless router for your home network

This article explains the criterion to look for to choose a wireless router for your Home Network. 7 criterion for selecting a wireless router is explained. 1. Internet Speed If your internet speed is between 10 Mbps to 100 Mpbs , you need to buy a router

How to block websites on a network

This article understands how to block access to websites on a home or office network. The necessary components required for the same is understood. Step 1 1. Purchase a router which has URL filtering feature. Wireless routers with URL filtering. The URL filtering feature on a router