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Wireless access point vs router

This article answers 11 most significant frequently asked questions on wireless access point vs routers. Detailed explanation is provided for each question. What is the basic difference between Wifi router and access point The main functionality of a Wif-router is to allow communication between networks. A Wifi-router

How many devices can I have on my home network

This article explains as to how many devices you can have on your home network. The number of devices you can have is dependent on your wireless router. The capacity of the router would decide the number of devices you can have on your home network. How

What is a POE switch

This article explains the fundamental concept of POE switch and its use. Different deployment scenarios where POE switches are used is explained in detail. The different types of POE switches and common FAQs related to POE switches are explained. How does a POE switch work POE stands

Do I need mesh network at home

This article explains if you really need a mesh network at home. The article also explains how to design a mesh network at home and identify appropriate mesh wireless routers to setup the network. Is mesh Wi-Fi network really needed for your home Lets take two home

Do I need a firewall for my home network

This article explains if you need a firewall for your home network and the multiple options for achieving this. The end of the section contains FAQ related to the topic with answers. If your router has inbuilt firewall then you do not need a firewall. But if

Do I need a gigabit switch for my home network

This article explains with real time scenarios where you may want to buy a Gigabit switch for your home network. As with a normal switch, gigabit switches comes in 16, 24 and 48 port options. But it provides gigabit speeds (1000 Mbps) on each of its ports

Can I print without internet connection

‘ Can you print without internet connection ? ‘ Yes. You dont really need an internet connection and here is why it is possble. Printers are setup on your local area network which are not exposed to the internet. A typical printer setup on a home or