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What is a Web Application Firewall and its use

This article explains the fundamental concept of Web application firewalls and its use in a network infrastructure. Web application firewalls are used to protect servers and associated applications from application based attacks. Assume that you have a web application hosted on a server on your organization network

How to protect your PC from ransomware attacks

This article explains the steps you must follow to protect your PC from the ransomware attacks. A ransomware as the name suggests, is a software which encrypts the files on your PC, and then demand a ransom for decryption for making the files usable again. This is

10 security best practices for cloud servers

If you are planning to host a server on a cloud infrastructure , be sure you implement the following 10 security best practices. 1. Ransomware and other malware Ransomware is the most dreaded cyber attack where the hacker encrypts all your sensitive data and demands a ransom

Can your email password be exposed on public wifi networks

Have you ever wondered if your email password can be exposed on public wifi networks ? This article explains if your email password can be exposed by hackers on public wifi networks. 1. You have connected to an airport wifi network with the password provided by the

Do you need to buy anti virus software

Why do you need to buy anti virus or an internet security software ? This article understands in detail why an anti virus or internet security software is recommended for your devices, be it PC’s, laptops , mobiles. The internet has now become a hackers playground. All