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Can you have two wifi routers in one house

Yes. You can have two wifi routers in one house. There could be instances where there are two ISP providers in one house. In this scenario, you would need to have two wifi routers in your house. The steps to install two wifi routers in a house

Best mesh router with parental controls

We have selected the Gryphon Parental Control Router as the best mesh router with parental control. The Gryphon Parental Control Router has excellent parental control features which helps to control internet access at home or office. Some of the features of parental control on the router include

Best solution for wifi dead spots

A wifi dead spot is an area within your network where there are no wireless signals. This article explains the three best solutions which you can implement to prevent wifi dead spots. Common FAQs and recommended products related to the solution is provided at the end of

How to detect rogue access point

This article explains the technique you can use to detect rogue access point on a network using the windows command line. Understanding Rogue AP Rogue access points are unauthorized devices which are setup on a network by attackers. The users on the network would connect to the

Wireless access point vs router – Differences and FAQ’s Answered

This article explains the differences between wireless access point and routers. What is the basic difference between Wifi router and access point The main functionality of a Wif-router is to allow communication between networks. A Wifi-router provides wireless and wired connection and also has routing features. A

How to setup Wi-Fi on laptop

This article explains the step by step procedure to setup Wi-Fi on your laptop. The following are the parameters available on any Wi-Fi network. SSID The SSID, which stands for service set identifier is the name of the Wi-Fi network to which you are connecting. The SSID

What is a POE switch -USE and FAQs answered

This article explains the fundamental concept of POE switch and its use. Different deployment scenarios where POE switches are used is explained in detail. The different types of POE switches and common FAQs related to POE switches are explained. How does a POE switch work POE stands

can cctv camera work without internet

Yes. cctv cameras can definitely work without internet. This articles details the 3 different types of cctv cameras and why they do not need internet to work. The article covers topics like different camera types, advantages and disadvantages of using internet and the security issues when the

Failed to obtain IP address – Troubleshooting and Fix

The article explains the steps to follow to troubleshoot and fix the error, failed to obtain IP address. Why you receive this error The device which triggers this message, which would be your laptop, desktop , smart tv or mobile devices is attempting to obtain an IP

What is port forwarding on router

This article explains the concept of port forwarding on router and and example where you can implement it. Port forwarding is a feature which is inbuilt on a router. It allows to forward traffic to a specific application residing on an internal system. The below example shows

2.4 Ghz vs 5 Ghz- FAQS , Differences and Benefits

Top FAQs, differences and benefits answered for 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz radio on your access point and wireless router. 1. How many networks can a wireless router or access point support if it has 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz inbuilt The router would be able to

How to build a small business computer network

This article explains how to build and setup a small business computer network with internet connection. The business has a combination of wired and wireless users along with a server and printer. The following products are needed to setup and build the network. Switch Based on the

Best Network Switch for Gaming On a Budget

The following is our recommendation for the best network switch for gaming on a budget. The three top priorities of a gaming environment would be speed, performance and quality. When buying a network switch for gaming, the following three minimum features are recommended when you are on

How to setup a LAN network

Learn the components like switches, routers , cables needed to set up a LAN network. This article explains how you can setup a LAN network along with a case study to help understand how the different components would fit in the solution. Step 1 – Switches Identify

How to make your old router as access point

This article explains the steps to follow to make your old router as an access point. A home network was upgraded with a fiber connection, for which a new router supporting fiber port was required. The old router is then made as a an access point which

3 reasons why your online meetings disconnects at home

Explore the three reasons why your online meeting disconnects at home. 1. Router supports only 2.4 Ghz Your router would be supporting only the 2.4 Ghz band. This is a crowded band which is used by almost all users in the neighborhood. When in a crowded environment,

Software defined perimeter benefits

This article understands the important benefits of Software defined perimeter solution compared with the traditional perimeter and how it could help your organization with better security and infrastructure. 1. Benefit over VPN Remote access VPN technology is used when remote users of an organization requires access to

What is a protocol analyzer

A protocol analyzer is a software which is used to decode information inside a specific protocol. These software are predominantly used to analyze the internals of protocols. Some of the common scenarios where protocol analyzers are used are described below. 1. Network troubleshooting. Network engineers use protocol

How to improve internet speed at home

This article explains 3 methods by which you can improve internet speed at home. Users complain that inspite of having fast internet speed from the ISP, the speed at home is significantly lower when a speedtest is done. There are two main causes for this issue. 1.

What is the difference between router and modem

This article explains the difference between router and modem. It is a common convention among home users to address their wireless routers as modems which is incorrect. The fundamental difference between a router and modem is explained. Understanding modems A modem is a device which is used