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How to connect two computers to one printer

This article explains how to connect two computers to one printer. Here we assume that you have a USB printer which needs to be shared with multiple computers. Follow the steps for setup. Step 1 1. Purchase a 2 port USB switch. The 2 port USB switch

How to troubleshoot slow internet

This article explains how to troubleshoot slow internet with various different scenarios and how to fix. Slow internet can arise due to various reasons like packet loss, bandwidth hogging, router hardware issues etc. Listed are the 4 most important scenarios encountered and how to troubleshoot slow internet.

What is a gigabit switch

This article understands explains what is a gigabit switch and its advantages and types. Gigabit switches are much faster than the traditional fast ethernet switches. Fast ethernet switches delivers 100 Mpbs speed on each port of the switch. Gigabt switches delivers 1000 Mpbs on each of the

What is a VPN Router

This article explains the fundamentals of a VPN router. VPN Routers are used for providing connectivity to users remotely as well connect multiple networks through the internet. VPN , which stands for Virtual private network , is a technology which is implemented on the routers. VPN uses

How to block your wifi from your neighbors

This article explains how to block your wifi from your neighbors. Method 1 – Use a Mac-Filter A mac filter is a feature which is available on a wireless router. The mac-filter takes the hardware / mac-address of a device and checks if the traffic is indeed

How to check if someone is using your wifi network.

This article understands how to check if someone is using your wifi network. Assume that you are in a home network or an office network with a wireless router. You are suspicious that your neighbor or a different office is using your wifi network illegally. How to

How to setup a LAN network with router

This article understands how to setup a LAN network with router. Identify the number of users on the network. This is required for identifying the switch. Step 2 Switches The type of switches recommended based on the number of users is shown below. 1-7 users – 8

How to Find Router IP address

This article understands how to find router IP address using multiple techniques. Your router has two IP address which is the LAN and other is the public IP address. The LAN IP address is used normally for accessing the admin interface of the router and for configuration

Do you need a router for wireless printer

This article understands if you actually need a router for a wireless printer. The below diagram shows a wireless printer which is connected to a router with an in built switch. Wireless printers have the option to be configured with static or dynamic IP address. If the

What is the difference between wifi and internet

This article explains the fundamental difference between wifi and internet. In the below diagram, a wireless router is connected to the internet. To gain internet connection, the user initially has to connect to the wireless router. The wireless router or the wifi router, has a wireless radio