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Do you need a print server for a network printer

This article understands why a print server is required or not when a network printer is available. The main functionality of a print server is to convert a USB or parallel port printer into a network printer. The print server converts the parallel or USB port on

What is a NAS device

NAS which stands for network attached storage, is used for storing data on the network. Data on a network can be stored on USB, Disk drives etc. This method of storage is not network based. Users would need to manually copy the data to the storage device.

What is a print server

A print server is a hardware device which is used for converting a printer into a network printer. Printers typically come with USB or parallel ports. A network printer is costlier than a normal printer. Though printer sharing is a feature, which is available on Windows it

What is VPN Passthrough

VPN passthrough is a feature which is available on routers which allows VPN traffic to an internal VPN server. In the below topology, the router is connected to the internet and has a public IP address which is assigned by the ISP. There is a VPN server

What is DyDNS

DDNS or Dydns is known as Dynamic DNS. It is basically a service which is offered for mapping domain names with a dynamically changing IP address. In the below topology, the router has been assigned a public IP address by the ISP. Public IP addresses are assigned