Yes. Multiple access points can have same ssid. Check out the common deployment scenario and if this would be good or bad for you and our recommendation.

Multiple access points with same ssid at home

If your home is installed with multiple access points, then you have the option of configuring it with same or different SSID. Assume that you have setup access points in two rooms.

If the SSIDs which are configured on the access points are the same, you would not know to which access point you are connected to at any point of time. For example, if you move from room 1 to room 2, your device may still be connected to the access point at room 1 and you may not be aware of it.

This would result in poor wifi signal strength and decrease the performance of the wifi network.

If the SSID’s are different, you would know to which access point your are connected which will improve the wifi signal strength as the best access point is selected.

But this could become a cumbersome process as every time you would need to manually connect to the right access point.

Home wireless access point recommendation – TP-Link TL-WA3001 WiFi 6 AX3000 Wireless Gigabit Access Point

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You can use mesh routers instead of access points at home to replace access points with same SSID. Mesh routers are configured with the same SSID. Based on the signal strength, the device requiring connectivity would connect to the appropriate mesh router.

For example, assume that you are using mesh routers instead of access points in the rooms. When you move from room 1 to room 2 , the device would connect automatically to the mesh unit with the best wifi signal. This is an automatic process performed by the mesh network.

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