Yes. cctv cameras can definitely work without internet. This articles details the 3 different types of cctv cameras and why they do not need internet to work. The article covers topics like different camera types, advantages and disadvantages of using internet and the security issues when the camera is setup on the internet. Our recommendation for the setup is included at the end of the post.

camera type – wifi camera

A wifi camera has an inbuilt wifi card in it. This is a wireless network interface card embedded in the camera. This type of cameras are used to connect to a network using the wireless medium. Assuming that there is a wifi network at home or office the camera can connect to the wifi network using the wifi card in it. This is like connecting a laptop or a mobile device to the wireless router. These cameras can only connect through wifi medium and not through the LAN , since they do not have the LAN interface.

can wifi camera work without internet

Wifi cameras can work without internet. They can be accessed through the respective mobile app or through the web interface by providing the IP address of the camera, which would be a local area IP address. Internet is not required for accessing a wifi camera.

camera type – IP camera with network card

This type of camera is an IP camera with a network card. As opposed to a wifi camera, these cameras do not connect using the wireless channel, but through a LAN cable.In a typical home network, the camera would connect to one of the LAN ports on the wireless router. The camera is configured with a static IP address.

Can IP camera with network card work without internet

Yes, they can work without internet. As in the case of wifi camera, they can be accessed on the LAN using the mobile app or by the IP address using the web interface.

camera type – Coaxial CCTV camera

The coaxial CCTV camera uses coaxial cable and connectors for connectivity. As opposed to the other two cameras, they do not have a wifi or a network card for connectivity.

Can coaxial camera work without internet

Yes they can also work without internet. The output of coaxial cameras are typically connected to a DVR box, which is accessed by TV or a computer within the premises.
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Why do you need internet for cctv cameras

We discuss two scenarios where you would require internet for cctv cameras.

Camera access from internet

If you need to access the camera from the internet, then obviously the camera should be connected to the internet. A typical example would be a scenario where you would need to access the camera in your home network while you are travelling. When you are within your home network, you can access it using the app. But to access it from the internet, the camera should be on the internet and then make the app connect to it.

Cloud backup

Camera back ups are either offline or online. If only offline backups are required, you dont need internet. If you wish to take a backup of the camera and save it on a cloud server, then the camera has to be connected to the internet. This would ensure that all the backups captured on the camera is saved on the cloud rather than offline premises.

Should you install the camera with or without internet

This would be a choice based on your requirement and need. If you need to access the camera or its contents frequently from the internet, then it is recommend you setup the camera with the internet. But if you are not accessing the camera frequently from the internet and just need local access, then an internet connection is not required. Also, if cloud backups are required, then again internet connection would be needed. Note that most camera vendors would charge for cloud storage. This is typically a recurring payment, on a monthly basis.

Security challenges and mitigation when camera is connected to the internet

Security challenges are numerous when you camera is connected to the internet. The following are the two major security issues which are encountered when the camera is setup on the internet.

1. The wifi network of your home or office, where the camera is installed can be hacked. When you are using a weak security protocol like WEP or even WPA 1 , you are making it easier for hackers to crack into your wifi network. Once your network is hacked, the camera can easily be accessed. To mitigate this attack , better security protocols like WPA 2 should be used on the Wifi network.

2. When cloud backup is used, all the videos and images captured are saved on a public server. The server is always vulnerable to attacks. To ensure utmost security of the server, multi factor authentication techniques should be used. This technique uses, a combination of authentication mechanisms like username / password and phone authentication. When this is used, if the username / password combination is hacked, the attacker would still be unable to access the server.


if the camera needs to be accessed less frequently from the internet and only using the app, then setup the camera without any cloud backups. If you do not need to access the camera from the internet, just set it up to be accessed within your network. Setup cloud backup only if it is absolutely needed, since it reduces the risk of being hacked also would save you money since, the recurring payment associated with cloud storage would not be required.

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