If you have a large home and planning to setup wifi, then check out our recommendation on the best wifi solution you can implement and the benfits it offers.

We assume that there are two floors in the house where wifi has to be available.

Best wifi router type for large home

In a large home environment , mesh routers are recommended. Mesh routers would ensure all the wifi dead zones are covered appropriately and all rooms have good wifi signal.

Mesh routers comes in packs, where each router provides wifi coverage for a specifc area. The following section understand how you can select the right router for your home.

Mesh wifi router for 5000 sqft home

You should look into the area which is covered by the router before making the purchase. For example, the NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Tri-band Mesh WiFi 6 System (RBK852) is a good choice for a mesh router which provides coverage area to 5000 sqft.

It comes in pack of 2 by default which is a router and a satellite Extender. If you want to increase your coverage , you can buy additional satellite extender.

Top Features of NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Tri-band Mesh WiFi 6 System (RBK852)

Flexible coverage

Based on the size of your home, you can buy additional satellite extenders. This is a very good feature since it makes it possible to extend your wifi at a later date if need arises. Each unit provides a coverage area of 2500 sqft.

Supports 100 devices

The mesh router supports upto 100 concurrent devices. In a large home, in addition to the normal users devices like computers, laptops and mobiles, there would be a lot of smart devices.

By supporting 100 concurrent devices, the performance and speed of users on the network would not be compromised.

Inbuilt security

The NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Tri-band Mesh WiFi 6 System (RBK852) has inbuilt NETGEAR Armor, which is the flagship security feature provided by netgear.

The features protects your home network from different forms of internet security threats like malware, phishing websites, ransomware and more. A 30 day free trial is provided for the subscription after which you can avail the service for the subscription price.

Parental control

This feature helps to control internet access and devices at home. You can set internet time and limit access to internet for each user on your home network.

How to setup the home wifi

By deault the NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Tri-band Mesh WiFi 6 System (RBK852) comes in pack of 2. This should be enough to cover the specified area.

You could keep one unit on the ground floor and another on the first floor

If your home has three floors in total, you may need to purchase another Satellite Extender. You could initially purchase the 2 pack and check the signal quality and then decide if the additional pack needs to be purchased.

Wifi solution benefits

The following are the benefits of the recommended solution.

1. With the use of mesh routers, the wifi dead zones in your home is covered. Mesh routers are used to solve this problem. They are the ultimate choice for whole home wifi.

2. Based on the area of your house, you can purchase additional units. The solution offers great flexibility since with a normal router you may need to buy wifi extenders which may not provide the performance of mesh routers.

3. Mesh routers provide ease of manageability. They can be controlled and managed by a simple app which can be installed on your mobile.

4. The router supports 100 concurrent users. A home with many smart home devices can connect to the router and network congestion issues would not be a problem.

5. The mesh router has inbuilt firewall in it which would prevent internet security threats and attacks on devices on your network.


1. I already have a wireless router. Can I use a wifi extender instead of mesh router ?

You can use it. But there would be no guarantee on the quality of the wifi signal and the performance of the nework. Mesh routers are designed to provide complete home wifi as opposed to wifi extenders which would are just range extenders.

2. My budget is limited. What would would you recommend ?

You can cable your home and have wifi access points installed. Or you could use powerline extenders instead of cables to setup the access points.

3. I would like to explore other mesh router. Where can I check out ?

You can check out Mesh routers on Amazon. You should ensure that the mesh router you are searching for supports the area of your house and if the wifi coverage can be expanded if needed, by purchasing additional units.


Mesh routers would be the ideal choice for a large home. They definitely score over normal routers in this environment. A normal router would be unable to provide the superior performance a mesh router offers.

By supporting 100 users at a time, inbuilt security and parental control feature, the NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Tri-band Mesh WiFi 6 System (RBK852) would be the best choice for your home.

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