Explore the three reasons why your online meeting disconnects at home.

1. Router supports only 2.4 Ghz

Your router would be supporting only the 2.4 Ghz band. This is a crowded band which is used by almost all users in the neighborhood. When in a crowded environment, your are prone to get disconnected.

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2. Router is dual band but you are unaware

Your router could be a dual band router, but you are unaware of it and still connected to the 2.4 Ghz network. This would create a situation similar to reason 1.

3. Many devices connected to the router

In today’s world, with a lot of smart devices at home, your routers performance matters. If the router is a basic router, it would not be able to accommodate all devices simultaneously with heavy load. This could freeze the router which might cause occasional disconnects.

The Fix

Option 1

Upgrading your router, with a high performance router , would help to prevent disconnects. Wifi 6 dual band routers would help solve the problem of Wifi disconnects as it supports high performance and has advanced feature inbuilt , which would tackle disconnections which occur in crowded environments. Wifi 6 routers also has the capability to support large number of devices , and associated internet traffic load.

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Option 2

If your router is dual band, change it to the 5 Ghz range. Ensure that your device (laptop, mobile) also has support for 5ghz or it would prove useless.


If you have a large number of devices at home, option 1 is recommended. If there are minimal devices at home, and if your router supports dual band, you could try option 2

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