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What is the difference between wifi and internet

This article explains the fundamental difference between wifi and internet. In the below diagram, a wireless router is connected to the internet. To gain internet connection, the user initially has to connect to the wireless router. The wireless router or the wifi router, has a wireless radio

Wireless router buyers guide

Q1. Do you need to block some websites for your employees / users? Yes No Q2. Do you want to restrict access to Internet for some of the devices connected to your network? Yes No Q3. Do you want to access the computers from outside your network

Wireless router with 8 ports

Wireless routers with 8 ports is recommended for networks where there are more number of wired devices like desktops, servers etc. This can also be used when additional switches are not available to accommodate the wired devices. The device has 8 switch ports in addition to the

How to setup a home network without internet.

This article understands how to setup a home network without internet. Assuming that there is a combination of wired and wireless users, a wireless router can be used. Step 1 Purchase a wireless router in case you do not have one. Check out wireless routers on Amazon

Do you need a print server for a network printer

This article understands why a print server is required or not when a network printer is available. The main functionality of a print server is to convert a USB or parallel port printer into a network printer. The print server converts the parallel or USB port on

How to share USB drive on Network.

This article understands the necessary components which can be used to share USB drive on network. USB over IP Devices are used for sharing USB drives on the network. The devices typically contains an ethernet port which is connected to the network. The device also contains provision

USB over IP

[wptab name=’Description’] USB over IP devices are used to share USB drives on the network. The devices would contain a network port and single or multiple USB Ports. These devices are mainly used for sharing USB drives on the network. The network port on the device connects

Wireless router with USB port

Wireless routers comes with USB ports. The USB ports on the router can be used for sharing your USB drives on the network. This helps to share the files and documents which are on the USB drive. All users on the network can have access to the

How to increase your network speed in office

This article understands how to increase the network speed in office. Typically , the LAN network of an organization would be running on a fast Ethernet network, which means that a PC which is connected to a switch port on the network would effectively have a speed

How to block websites on a network

This article understands how to block access to websites on a home or office network. The necessary components required for the same is understood. Step 1 1. Purchase a router which has URL filtering feature. Wireless routers with URL filtering. The URL filtering feature on a router